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    Meet the Staff

    Our children have been busy settling in to their new classes but a couple of roving reporters have found time to track down some staff members and ask them some all important questions.

    Our reporters this week were James Gallagher and Daniel Malcolm from 6W. They wrote some questions and hunted down answers from three members of staff across the school, here’s what they found out:

    Mrs Grant (4G)

    Mrs Grant loves working at St. Mary’s because the teachers and children are always friendly and have huge beaming smiles on their faces. She supports Sydney FC back in Australia but has picked Everton FC as her local (?) team! Mrs Grant prefers AFL to rugby and her favourite film is Mary Poppins – like the main character we think she is practically perfect in every way!

    Mrs Linehan

    Mrs Linehan loves everything about working at St. Marys and said the place and people hold a special place in her heart. With Irish roots she supports Shamrock Rovers and wouldn’t be drawn on a more local team. If she could improve anything about the school it would be to have more resources for everyone to share and her dream would be to have an art and music room with sinks so you could wash up as you went along! She likes watching international rugby and big matches and her favourite films are the Sound of Music and My Best Friends Wedding. We found her interview to be music to our ears.

    Mr Gosnell

    Mr Gosnell loves how friendly and welcoming all of the adults and children are at our school. He is a big fan of Southend United or “The Shrimpers”  and goes to see them whenever he can. If he could improve anything he would have more computers for each of the children and whilst he loves rugby his favourite film was one we had never heard of… (something Redemption). We think he needs to watch more children’s films! Mr Gosnell – always supporting the underdog!

    We hope you enjoyed getting to know our staff a little better – we will be updating this area with more interviews soon.